What forms of payment does Ohana Time accept?

Cash, Check, Venmo, PayPal & Square

How many dogs can you walk at once?

Two dogs per walk or hike

How long will my dog be walked?

Your dog's walk will always be the full amount of time selected; walk time will start after we leash up to start our adventure. Unleashing and making sure your dog is left with a fresh bowl of water will take place after the selected time has been completed. You will receive a screenshot of the walk including mileage, pace and time.

What is the cancellation policy for pet sitting, walking, and other services?

Dog Walking, Drop-in Services and Adventure Hikes must be cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled service. Otherwise, 50% of the rate for the scheduled service will be charged. Pet Sitting and Overnight Services scheduled a week or so before the start date must be cancelled by 5 PM, two days before the scheduled service. Otherwise, the full rate of the first day of the scheduled service will be charged. Notice of cancellation should be done by phone, email, or text.

How do I schedule service for my pet?

Service is scheduled upon request by phone, email, or through the Contact Us page on Ohana Time's website.

What is included in a cat visit?

I will come to your home to visit your cat(s) for the scheduled time. During this time, I will collect the newspaper and mail, serve your cat their food, refresh their water, tend to the litter box, spend time playing, socializing, and making sure they feel PURRfect!

What is your snow, extreme heat, and inclement weather policy?

For scheduled dog and cat pet sitting visits, every effort will be made to carry on as planned. On days with extreme weather (heat, cold, and rain storms) walk duration may be reduced but every effort will be made to get your pet out, if a walk or hike isn't feasable, playtime indoors will make-up for the remaining walk time.

What is the difference between pet sitting and overnight sitting?

Pet sitting involves coming to your home during the day and hanging out with your dog or cat until you return home that evening or a designated time. Overnight sitting involves a full 24 hours of loving on your pet, watching your home, checking the mail, signing for packages, garbage duties, newspaper pickup, alternating lights, watering plants, general house duties that you would like handled while you're away.

What if I don't have a pet, can Ohana Time provide house sitting services?

YES! I'm here to help you anyway I can. Pet or no pet, you're still ohana! My rate for dropping in for a few hours a day to open/close blinds, alternating lights, collect mail, trash, water plants, etc. is $30/day. Overnight option includes the previously mentioned services along with staying at your home. The rate is $50/night.

What are Ohana Time's recognized holidays in regards to the holiday fee?

OT's recognized holidays include the following: New Years Day; MLK day; Presidents' Day; Easter; Memorial Day; 4th of July; Labor Day; Nevada Day; Thanksgiving & Family Day; Christmas Eve; Christmas Day; and New Years Eve.

Does Ohana Time provide boarding services in the sitter's home?

Ohana TIme does not offer boarding services in the sitter's home as we are not a boarding facility. We offer Overnight Care in the owner's home; OT feels this alleviates any undue stress on your fur babes casued by boarding in an unfamiliar house. Your fur babe gets to relax in thier own home and their routine stays the same while you're away. The only difference is a new face giving them love and attention for a few days. Added Bonus! Your home is looked after while you're away. How awesome is that? Peace of mind for your home and your loved ones!!