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Cancellation Policy

Ohana Time reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the scheduled visits for services cancelled with less than 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled service. 


Overnight Services will require a non-refundable deposit for the first day or night of service. 

There will be no refund issued if any portion of the scheduled booking is cancelled by client after the start of services. Ohana Time will provide a discount on your next scheduled booking. 

Notice of cancellation should be done by phone, email, or text.

Ohana Time does not offer Boarding or Daycare Services. We offer Overnight Care in the Owner's home ONLY.

Funny Pitbull Portrait


"Paths are made for walking." ~Unknown 

30 minute walk                $25

Holiday                              $50

Extra dogs                  $10/each

60 minute walk                $50

Holiday                            $100

Extra dog (small)       $20/each

Extra dog (large)       $25/each

Dog's Portrait


"Just wanted to stop by and say, Hello Friend!" ~ Winnie the Pooh

Per 20 minute Drop-in

(up to 3x/day)             $25/ea

Holiday                              $50

Extra dog                      $10/ea

10-15 minutes walk       +$10

Weekends                       +$15

After 5pm                        +$15

Cat (Includes 2 cats)

(up to 2x/day)             $25/ea

Holiday                              $50

Extra cat                         $5/ea

Weekends                       +$15



"Here's to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family." ~ Unknown

Check-In & Checkout Times

"Thank you for everything. Until we meet again!" ~Unknown

One dog                       $70/night

Price increase January 1, 2024 to $125/night for up to 3 animals

Holiday                      $100/night

Price increase January 1, 2024 to $150/night

Extra dog (small)         $15/each

Extra dog (large)         $20/each

Price change January 1, 2024 to $10 each additional animal regardless of size

Puppy love (under 1 year old)                                                       $20/night


Check-In after 1pm Monday - Friday

                      9am Saturday - Sunday

Additional fees applied if needed before 1pm during the week $35

Checkout 9am Monday - Friday

               12pm Saturday - Sunday

Additional fees applied if needed after checkout times $35 - $70


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